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Managed onsite Backups

Fast archival backups at your premises

Organizations world-wide are experiencing dramatic growth in their storage requirements. More and more data is created daily and many organizations demand that all of it is protected. Maintaining last night's backup offsite can help with your disaster recovery plan, but how do you recover files from accidental deletions or bad edits? What if the accidental deletion happened months ago - can it still be recovered?

The Radish Networks backup appliance provides archival backups to protect your data. Our appliances routinely achieve dedup rates in excess of 15x when using a a grandfather-father-son backup rotation. That means one terabyte of raw storage can maintain fifteen terabytes of archive data. This makes for very cost-effective archive backups.

Our backup appliances can be provided on either a managed or unmanaged basis and are priced according to requirements. A typical managed configuration can cost as low as $70 per month.

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