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Radish Networks combines the best of cloud services and onsite technical support to deliver flexible and cost effective computer solutions.

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Your organization is unique: Demand more than cookie-cutter service plans. Apply our talent and infrastructure to where you need it most.

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Draw from our knowledge in managing information technology from the home office to the enterprise and everything in between.

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We have partnerships with the brightest IT organizations. By investing in training we extend our capabilities and offer our clients better options.

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What Do We Offer?

Radish Networks goes beyond computer repair offering a wealth of hosted services to safeguard your data and provide the technology your organization requires.

Onsite computer repair in Saskatoon area Custom solutions for organizations seeking a consistent, well priced monthly arrangement Offsite backup of your critical data Hosted Exchange for collaboration over mobile, pc, and apple Managed storage solutions for small organizations


Do I really need SSL?

Absolutely. SSL ensures authenticity SSL sites are locked to domain names and so verify the ownership of the website.  Without SSL, it would be trivial […]

SSL webhosting now available at no additional fee

I’m pleased to report that we will now be able to protect websites with SSL at no additional cost.  The maturity and stability of Lets […]

Macro enabled office documents will now be blocked

Macro-enabled Office documents are now being blocked for domains protected by our premium spam filtering service. What are macro enabled office documents? Microsoft Office documents […]

New network, new firewall, oh my!

We’ve been busy updating our infrastructure for the typically busy third quarter of the year.  We are making substantial improvements in security, networking, and virtual […]

Call the Cable Guy: Wireless just won’t cut it

The Register published a nice explanation of why offices still require cabled network connections.  I think it’s readable by those without a lot of technical […]