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Public and Private Cloud, On-premises, and Hosted IT Solutions

Radish Networks combines the best of cloud services and onsite technical support to deliver flexible and cost effective computer solutions. Our capabilities include onsite technical support, remote systems administration, cloud services, web application development, and technical consulting. All of our clients deserve quick and friendly service, issue tracking, documentation, and easy billing without surprises. We offer a wide range of technical services and you can choose from any to develop the solution you desire.

Define Your Cloud Requirements and Launch

What is your goal?

Cloud is fantastic but you need to define your goal: What exactly is the problem that cloud is going to fix?

Don't move to cloud "just because"

If you need a dedicated Linux host in Germany for a custom web application, then it's pretty hard to beat our managed Digital Ocean droplets. If your small business is looking to support a growing array of remote workers and contractors then Azure has a lot to offer. And if you want to ensure your web presence is lightning quick around the world then Amazon is fantastic. But these providers and their wide range of product offerings are really just tools in the toolbox. You need to use the right tool for the job.

Let us help you with your challenge

Running projects and managing IT infrastructure is what we do. Cloud has unique challenges and benefits but at the end of the day, it's about managing infrastructure. Services need to be provisioned according to requirements, tested, deployed, maintained, and retired.

And we are experts at this.

  • Management Options
    • Fully managed or
    • Partially administered
  • Availability
    • Highest Availability or
    • Best effort
  • Data Sovereignty
    • Global,
    • Canada, or
    • Local

Hosted IT Solutions and Data Sovereignty

Radish Networks offers competing services to the big cloud providers wherever possible. The 2018 CLOUD Act compels US based technology providers to furnish access to the United States regardless of where the data is stored. Amazon will take down a website pending a copyright claim. Microsoft's terms of use grants them a royalty-free license to your content. All of the big cloud providers use third-party support and doubtless that cost is a factor. Encrypted at rest storage, massive networks, and highly certified data centers are all great but there are real risks with the big cloud providers.

Many of our offered services have a strict Radish-owned, Radish-managed policy. Some of our services have both cloud and Radish hosted options. We may use networks from other providers, we may use rackspace from other providers, but the "iron", the management, and any relevant encryption is ours. We own the hardware. We are solely responsible for the management of this hardware. Wherever possible, we will allow full end-to-end encryption including client-defined keys meaning we have no access to the data. Data sovereignty is something we take very seriously.

Please check which of our services have a Radish-owned, Radish-managed option Link

Innovative, Experienced, Highly Capable

What is Managed Services?

A managed services provider (MSP), well, manages services. Consider a service like offsite backup. Offsite backup is now available to the smallest organization and essentially infinitely scabale with no capital costs. Buying it isn't the problem, managing it is. Who will ensure that it meets your expectations when you actually need it? Do you require a disaster recovery plan? Is it secure? How does it work? All MSPs manage services, a good one does it well.

How is Radish Networks different?

Innovative: The expertise to develop solutions. Sometimes all you need is right-out-of-the-box. Sometimes...

Experienced: Years of experience with everything from owner-operator to large enterprises. Rely on our experience for knowing what works and what doesn't.

Highly Capable: We believe in local internet, a strong on-premises presence, and data sovereignty. That means we need expertise with routing, scalable system design, hardware troubleshooting, Windows AND Linux, and horizontally scalable on-premises storage.

  • Managed Services
    • Per module pricing or
    • Customized service plan
  • Modules
    • Antivirus
    • Backup and Replication
    • Cloud infrastructure
    • Consulting/Planning
    • Dedicated support schedule
    • Desktop support
    • Firewall
    • Network (wired and wireless)
    • Server and domain management
    • Web Hosting
  • All Customers Get
    • Asset Management
    • Documentation
    • Helpdesk

Systems Management

Systems Design

Your organization is unique. Use our expertise to design an IT system that works for you.


Managed service options including regular updates, extensive monitoring, security consulting and auditing.

Incident Management

ITIL compatible ticketing system tracks issues and offers fully transparent reporting to our customers.

Asset Management

Purchase information, lifecycle, warranty, and more. We keep track of your IT assets for you.


Our extensive documenation library helps our team solve issues faster and implement complex projects.


All assets have a lifecycle. Radish Networks manages the decom process including data wiping

Remote Monitoring and Management,
Onsite support for Saskatoon area

We are flexible

We work with you to determine your requirements and we define a service plan together. That plan may include a set bundle of services, a fixed schedule for onsite labour, or be based on responsibilities and deliverables.

Managing incidents

Ticketing systems are a requirement for an efficient IT service desk. Our system allows for easy submission via email or web. Tickets are assigned and record all communications and the resolution. All fields are searchable and the time used for labour is recorded. Our system manages incidents, provides a searchable knowledge base, and allows for transparent billing.

Experience matters

We have decades of experience with a wide range of organizations and we know what the common IT struggles are. We support products from a wide array of technology providers covering everything your IT solutions require.

  • Support Options
    • Remote desktop or
    • Telephone support or
    • On-premises for Saskatoon area
  • Availability
    • Fixed schedule or
    • Ad-hoc support or
    • On-call service
  • Billing Options
    • Set monthly or
    • On demand

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